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The BIG little Project provides resources created by Cooking with Kids, Inc. to educators and families in an effort to support, facilitate, and nurture experiences where grown-ups and kids explore and cook healthy food together.

BIG little Lessons are

Focused on Hands-on Learning,



Aligned with Academic Standards,

and Loved by Kids!

When kids help prepare healthy foods, they're more likely to eat and enjoy them!

Littles only get to experience the kitchen when the BIGs in their lives invite them in.

Inviting kids into the kitchen matters! Because while they’re busy peeling and whisking or slicing and dicing, kids are also building the confidence and courage to try the healthy foods they are preparing.

In the process, they learn and practice food preparation skills, build self-confidence and develop communication skills.

Cooking with Kids is the original BIG little Project!

Started in 1995, Cooking with Kids, Inc is a non-profit organization that provides hands-on nutrition education to over 6,000 public school students in Northern New Mexico.

What began as an all-volunteer effort in two schools has now grown into an integral part of 26 school communities.

We aren’t the only ones.
That’s why we created the BIG little Project.

The Cooking with Kids program grew–and continues to grow–in response to the needs identified by communities in Northern New Mexico. This kind of joyful, hands-on learning has a place in every child’s life, and children everywhere deserve the opportunity to grow and thrive.

Cooking with Kids cannot achieve this vision alone. There are families and educators around the country who are working hard to create healthy futures for their communities. The BIG little Project exists to support that work.

Start cooking up your own BIG little Project today!


More than just a recipe! Lessons for hands-on nutrition education support academics.


Cook these family-scaled recipes with your littles and get a BIG thumbs up!


Kid-friendly skills videos, farmer field trips, and more!


Not sure where to start (or looking for something new)? Here are some ideas to get you rolling.

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